My Journey Through Storytelling

I owe my first time reader an explanation about a few things. I know it’s not the norm with all writers, but I get to the point after some research, a skeletal outline, and some expanded thoughts when my fingers start to tingle. The core ideas start to shake my sleeves, and nudge my fingers toward the keyboard. It’s time for me to ‘go’. I have a need to trust what comes to me. Here’s the short story how I got here:

I became a writer at the corner of Bayard and George Streets. If you went to Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, you know where that is.

No, I didn’t whip out a pen and pad. Later, hindsight realized that was the moment.

John HeldonBefore then, I had dabbled at blogging, which wasn’t enough to count for me, just as warm up exercises don’t compare to a cardio workout. Nothing against blogging. Some are terrific, but a novel was my goal before saying to myself, ‘I’m a writer’. So, on that corner in the Spring of 2011, while talking to a big guy about basketball, blogging, then writing a novel, an epiphanous wind blew through me, leaving an idea: ‘Hoosiers Meets Field of Dreams’.

It would become my first novel, Ark. It’s second edition, Ark Book IV: Ghosts, is necessary because Ark was the pebble thrown into the pond, whose ripples gave me ideas for a much larger story, or saga, to be sure. Also, a rewrite was needed to sow some seeds which would sprout in later books.

If you’re still with me, I’ll give you a sneak peak of the next two books, and a hint of a third.

Guess what? Ark turned out to be a light, fast (and many said good) read, which got me to my second book: Ark Book V: Beneath. Telling a ghost story allowed me to realize the Ark had it’s own special character: it’s a paranormal portal linking a mysterious Native-American tribe, who vanished before the Europeans arrived, and a Doomsday which can be averted, if the tribe’s secret is found.

This second book ends in a cliffhanger, as the main characters gain entrance through the portal. I found it wasn’t much of a leap between the paranormal and the spiritual. These few have been chosen by ‘Higher Authorities’, and ‘He’ and ‘She’ have been guiding their quest.

On a roll pounding the keyboard, I finished Ark Book VI Above. It gives these chosen few a glimpse of Doomsday, which is near and tough to avoid, unless the World returns to a matrilineal way of life. Can these chosen few sell this simple, best idea to the ‘engineers’ who are driving the ‘train’ off its rails? I think yes, since there was a David and Goliath.

From one idea, Ark became a trilogy. Actually, the middle trilogy of nine books in all, God willing.

Here is where I think we all need help, looking at the messy World we live in. The end of Ark Book VI Above asks:

Would we be in a better place if Wars were up to women?

I’ve run the question past quite a few women, and their answers fall into two camps:

Yes, we would be in a better place.

No, Power would corrupt them also.

It should be pointed out that nearly all ancient tribes were matrilineal, where the mother’s brother was trusted more with the mother’s children than the children’s father (s). Over time, with brute force, and herds of domestic animals to trade for a wife, the men took over.

How should my question above be answered?

You, the reader, are now up to date with my journey through storytelling. I will tell you the middle of my story, after which I’ll tell you the beginning, then the end. Present, Past, Future, over billions of years.

John Heldon
June 16, 2015