Ark is about people.

by Robert Ducker –

Ark is a building on a college campus that has for many decades housed student events ranging from freshman orientation speeches to a variety of sporting events, primarily basketball and swimming.

I can imagine that such a building has housed, even witnessed, something approaching the full spectrum of human emotion including love, hate, triumph, defeat, sorrow, regret, and joy over the years of its service to the college and the community. Yet, in the late night of most evenings this building sits quietly and without notice simply waiting for the next opportunity to serve. John Heldon introduces us to a previously unknown level of existence where events of the past refuse to fade away. A level where time and space are redefined to allow events from the past to replay undetected within the Ark regardless of what activity is happening there in the present.

Ark is about people. Ark is also about the most precious and powerful force we know, the human spirit.

Ark is a well written story of a mature guy who graduated from the college many years ago. He little knows nor expects that, at this stage in his life, he is at the threshold of an adventure so fantastic that it is impossible for him to confide in those around him.

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