Ark Book IV: Ghosts

“Hoosiers Meets Field of Dreams”  

Nicknamed the Ark, this old gym is the limbo for six ghosts from 1971, who are discovered by a retired alum whom they hope will be the conduit between themselves and their unhappy living persons, thereby providing the answers to their ‘young’ and ‘old’ predicaments.

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Ark Book V: Beneath

“Field of Dreams Meets Stargate”

The Ark, nickname of the old Sunnyside College gym in Delaware, has an impervious portal  appear suddenly in its basement floor, the first event in a series foretelling a near and certain Doomsday, unless a way to enter it  can be found.


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Ark Book VI: Above

“Stargate Meets Salvation”

The old  Sunnyside College gym, nicknamed the Ark, has a paranormal portal that gives a chosen few a glimpse of Doomsday, which is near and unavoidable, unless these few can convince mankind a more matrilineal approach to life is needed.

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You're invited to take this fantastic journey with me. The road signs on this trip will direct you away from what you think is normal, toward what  you  think is science fiction. It may not be! There's a realm between fact and fiction inhabited by spirituality, renewal, and redemption. It's located between the dead and the reborn.

Here's the thing:

My Universe doesn't have  any bar scenes as in Star Wars. It had, has, and will have systems just like ours which develop the same way. This trek spans billions of years before and after our present time. Forms of life between matter and energy are, and always have been present. Religious beliefs and science aren't in conflict as I explain them.


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